Definitive Guide to Figure out WordPress Search Problems

WordPress’s default search isn’t particularly good and it’s not easily configurable. Many WordPress webmasters, whether bloggers or business site runners, do nothing to improve the search experience on their blogs, which I think is a mistake. WordPress search is the most natural and efficient method for discovering new content within a blog. Even with a… Read More »

Five Quick Tips to Improve WordPress Security

Popularity has both good and bad consequences for WordPress. A major negative consequence is that every hacker on the web knows that if they can exploit a WordPress vulnerability, they will have the keys to many millions of WordPress sites. That doesn’t mean you should use a less popular content management system: security by obscurity… Read More »

Free Infographic Tools to Help You Create the Best Infographics

All humans are wired to be visual. Our eyes are drawn to pictures, color, and anything that stands out as unusual to our eyes. If, then, you want your blog post, paper, report, or project to stand out and catch people’s eyes, you should try incorporating infographics into your writing. What are infographics? Are you… Read More »

An Interview With Donna Merrill: Personal Development Expert

Last week, I shared an interview of one of the most famous podcast John of “entrepreneur on fire”. I got positive response from our distinguish readers. Like before, today I’m very excited to announce that I’m back with another interview of one of the most famous bloggers Donna Merill of “DonnaMerrillTribe”. Before anything else, first I… Read More »